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When you call Pete you’re getting someone who has done this for a long time, over 30 years. He’s not just someone with another job to do. You are his customer. He wants to give you good service. And does. He does care about what you think. He wants you to tell the neighborhood about him. So Pete says, “I’m going to do the best job I know how.”

There are lot of advantages to using a one-man shop. You are going to get personalized service. If you have a small problem he’s not going to gouge you for it. He’s going to say, “It’s a small problem, I’ll fix it up. I’ve been known to not charge at all. I’ve done that before.”

He doesn’t charge corporate rates. In a large company everything has to get paid. That includes the receptionist, the office staff, the sales people, rent on the building they’re in, even down to the shirts out on the golf course. Someone has to pay that. In a big company the guy that shows up to fix your problem gets the smallest part of big bill you pay. Pete says, “I’m not a shirt out playing golf. I’m just trying to please the customer and make an honest living and hope you’ll think enough of me to tell your family, friends and neighbors about me.”


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